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Chilton Foliat is an ancient settlement, going back to Saxon times, and beyond.  It is a small village with a current population of just over 300 adults. And it's beautiful, with many ancient houses. You could say it's a typical English country village.

Location in UK The village nestles in the undulating landscape of the Marlborough Downs, lying alongside the River Kennet, a very beautiful and clean chalkland river, much loved by fishermen.

This web site has been created by villagers, for the villagers, and aims to provide visitors and locals alike with information about the village. Any comments on how we can improve the site are always welcome.

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Defibrillator - what to do in an emergency

We will be arranging a training session on how to use the defibrillator in the New Year, watch the website and notices for a further update. In the meantime please see the instructions below provided by Community Heartbeat on what to do in an emergency.

1. A 999 call MUST first be undertaken whilst with the patient, DO NOT go to the defibrillator machine first. DO NOT call 111

2. Always ask for AMBULANCE as they know the location of working defibrillators

3. Once a 999 call is received by the Ambulance operators they will ask two questions - is the patient breathing? Is the patient conscious?

4. The operator will then assess the patient's condition and automatically despatch an ambulance to the address of the caller

5. The operator MAY ask if there is a defibrillator nearby, NOTE the operator may say a specific machine is not visible to them because it is flagged as 'out of use' or 'not available'. Ours is located on the west side of the village hall adjacent to the entrance to the pub car park

6. Operator will then tell the caller how to undertake CPR - this is a requirement within 60 seconds of the call

7. If it is determined a defibrillator is required the operator will advise where the nearest active one is - not necessarily the nearest - and advise the activation code.

8. Ensure a second person is available to go to the defibrillator. Once the defibrillator kit is opened a speaker will talk you through what to do

9. If the caller is on their own with the patient you will not be sent to the defibrillator, you should stay and continue CPR

10. The defibrillator must be returned to the box and the box closed after use

Click here for a leaflet giving further information from The Community Heartbeat Trust

Click here for an update regarding Avian Flu from Wiltshire Council


St Mary's church will be candle lit and open on Sunday evening from 7.30pm to 8.00pm for the 1 minute silence and Private prayers and reflections.
Everyone is welcome.

Dateline 28th September
A message from Nic Coome, Chairman, Chilton Foliat Parish Council.

Following much discussion between the Parish Council, Wiltshire Council and Thames Water, I am very pleased to be able to say that the proposed closure of the B4192 will not now take place. Thames Water have agreed that the new pipework can be laid in the field adjacent to the road, subject only to a final archaeological check. In the extremely unlikely event that the check reveals significant archaeological evidence, this may have to be revisited, however the risk is considered extremely low. The Parish Council will continue to monitor the situation and will post updates here as appropriate.

Dateline 16th September

Road Works
Some people may be aware of what could be a lengthy closure of the B4192 towards Hungerford. These works are not yet approved by Wiltshire Highways who are looking to reduce the disruption. Firm information will be published when it is made available.

Chilton Foliat Parish Council

Click here for an update (25th November) on Wiltshire Council News

HRH Queen Elizabeth II

On behalf of the community of Chilton Foliat, the Parish Council wish to express our sadness at the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. We offer our sincere condolences to His Majesty the King and the rest of the Royal Family.

An online book of condolence can be found at From Monday 12 September, books of condolence will be available to sign at County Hall, Trowbridge; Monkton Park, Chippenham; Bourne Hill, Salisbury; and all Wiltshire Council libraries and mobile libraries. After the funeral, all condolence books will then be sent to the Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre for the archives.

Cllr. Nic Coome, Chairman, Chilton Foliat Parish Council

For details of the Community Action Group supporting each other in Chilton Foliat in the event of self-isolation. Click here.

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