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Chilton Foliat is an ancient settlement, going back to Saxon times, and beyond.  It is a small village with a current population of just over 300 adults. And it's beautiful, with many ancient houses. You could say it's a typical English country village.

Location in UK The village nestles in the undulating landscape of the Marlborough Downs, lying alongside the River Kennet, a very beautiful and clean chalkland river, much loved by fishermen.

This web site has been created by villagers, for the villagers, and aims to provide visitors and locals alike with information about the village. Any comments on how we can improve the site are always welcome.

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Harry Talmage

It is with collective sadness that we announce the death of Harry Talmage.

Harry lived in Chilton Foliat for 60 years and knew many of you over this time. You will know that he was a man of few words, a dry sense of humour and a laugh that was so big it made him look like he had no eyes.

He lived a full life; from his time in the navy to his entrepreneurial days at the Hungerford Paperback Exchange. Harry was an amazing gardener (his potatoes rival the best of an organic farm shop crop) and imaginative creator - knitting garden hammocks for his 4 children, building polystyrene houses for his grandchildren and mending wagons to pull along his great grandchildren.

We all miss him so much; our Grampy WhatsApp family group chat won't be the same without his emojis and gifs; the mind of a very tech savvy OAP.

Never one for a fuss, we are following his lead and holding a celebration of his life instead of a traditional funeral on the 23rd July, 3pm, in his beautiful garden at number 55. If you knew Harry or if he ever left rhubarb on your doorstep, we would love to invite you to come and share memories of him.

Message from Nic Coome regarding Power Cuts

The Parish Council raised the issues of the recent power cuts in the village with SSEN. The reply advised that they can only deal with individual complaints raised by householders and linked to postcodes.
I therefore urge parishioners affected by recent outages to contact SSEN individually.
Complaints should be logged at Once the form is submitted, it will provide a reference number to keep track of the complaint. Alternately, the SSEN telephone number is: 0800 980 1395
Email address is:

Cllr. Nic Coome,
Chilton Foliat Parish Council

Click here for the latest (24th June) information from Wiltshire Council

Dear Chilton Foliat community,

Re: Breach of Planning Permission - Application Reference Number: 17/09443/FUL

You may have heard rumblings of discontentment in relation to the development in the village. The recent parish council meeting was well-attended, a number of issues were raised, and a group of villagers decided to investigate further. The evidence (detailed below) shows clearly that Wiltshire Council is not holding the developers to account, compromising on the outcome for our village. Our hope is that many others in the village will submit complaints too. If we don't all take action now, then we have nobody to blame but ourselves!

Some of these complaints may impact you more than others, but please read this, and submit your complaint/s to Wiltshire Council as outlined below if you feel you want the developers and Wiltshire Council to be held to account. Your support of our initiative is appreciated - we want the promises outlined in the planning approval and section 106 delivered to us, so we get a housing development that does not compromise our beautiful village, that is in line with the expectations set and in line with what was approved in the planning application process.

The development of housing should be done with respect for the surrounding community and must adhere to the specific requirements as set-out within a planning approval documentation and the council's planning guidelines. 3 complaints/breaches in planning are outlined below, compromising the outcome of the building development for our community.

Complaint #1 - Football Pitch

As you will be aware the development in the old recreation ground (previously affectionately referred to as 'the rec', and now 'site A' for the planners) is well underway, however upon further investigation into the details of the planning approval 17/09443/FUL and the section 106 documentation, it seems there is a significant breach of the planning approval in relation to clause 5 which states: No development shall commence on Site A until the playing field (labelled as 'football pitch' on approved 'Site Plan' dwg no. 170110-03 Rev A) on site B has been implemented and made available for use. Reason: To ensure the satisfactory quantity, quality and accessibility of compensatory provision which secures a continuity of use and to accord with Core Policy 52 of the WCS (2015) and saved Policies HC35 and TR17 of the Kennet Local Plan (2004).

There is no playing field on site B (which is the land up the hill from the 6 newly completed homes adjacent to the school). This has not been implemented, and certainly nothing resembling the extensive requirements for a football pitch as set out in the section 106 and by Sport England, so why has the development on Site A commenced? The Section 106 also stipulates that before an Open Space is handed over to the Council, it must meet Wiltshire Council standards and certified by the Head of the Waste Environment Commission with a Open Space Practical Completion Certificate. Where is the completion certificate? Who approved this?

Not taking action on this matter compromises access to sport for future generations. Our village risks having an outdoor sporting facility far inferior to what has been promised. Please support our request and take action.

Complaint #2 - Relocated new transformer on stilts and loss of village car park spaces

The parish council is due to have car park spaces handed over to it as outlined in the approved plans and section 106. The site of the village car parking spaces now has a new transformer on stilts, replacing the one from the developer's land (behind the pub), and putting a new one onto land that is due to be handed over to the parish council. Worse still, it is on stilts, and it is exceptionally intrusive to the wider area, and an eye sore to the properties nearby within the conservation area and bordering a listed property. The developer clearly moved the structure which has existed in 'the rec' for ages, and is clearly doing this so it is 'not in my backyard' for the developer, at the expense of others and our community. This equipment needs to be moved to a discreet location so current residents are not impacted, and if the village loses car park spaces, surely it must be compensated for that loss?

Complaint #3 - Wiltshire Council's breach of their Guidance on non material amendments following a grant of planning permission

The development in 'the rec'/site A backs onto a number of listed properties and a conservation area. It seems Wiltshire Council did no consultation with the community or parish council because they decided to approve a number of changes as a 'non material amendment' to the planning application. This gave permission to the developer to add a new south-facing window to property #5 overlooking other properties, changing the planned nature corridor, and altering the boundary for #5, and removing fireplaces and chimneys in #5 and #6 presumably to make the development more profitable at a cost of destroying the architectural and natural integrity of the development. However, these amendments breach the council's guidance on non material amendments following a grant of planning permission where 2.6 sites examples of material changes as "New windows, openings or enlargements which would result in loss of privacy or amenity to neighbours" illustrating that the planning department is not following its own guidelines, and therefore approved 'non-material changes' which are in fact 'material changes' and ought to have been consulted on.

All breaches should be reported to:

With the following details:
• When activities started:

March 2021

• Site address:

The Recreation Ground, Stag Hill, Chilton Foliat, RG17

• Approximate dimensions of any building works:

1.1 Hectares

• Names, addresses and telephone numbers of any owners, occupiers or builders involved:

Eadie Development Solutions

• Details of Breach:

Breach of Clause 5 of 17/09443/FUL - Building on site A has commenced despite no playing field on site B being implemented. The current land is not suitable as a playing field (no goals) and represents a danger to children - (high flint/stone content).

• Your details are required so the team can inform you of the outcome of the enquiry, and in case they need to ask you for further information later. Enquiries about alleged breaches of planning control will be treated confidentially within the council so far as is practicable.

• Your personal details are required so the team can inform you of the outcome and request any further information from you as necessary. Your submission about alleged breaches will be treated as confidential within the council as so far is possible.

Extract of Wiltshire Council Guidance on non material amendments following a grant of planning permission:
2.6 The following are some examples of what may NOT constitute a 'non-material amendment':
• New windows, openings or enlargements which would result in loss of privacy or amenity to neighbours.
• Any change that would affect occupiers of a neighbouring property or other third party.
• Any change that would affect a consultation response on the original application.
• An extension to the site boundary (or "red edge" of application site).
• An enlargement of the volume of a new building.
• An increase in the height of new building.
• Any changes to ground level which would in itself constitute an 'engineering operation' or would result in potential loss of privacy or visual amenity.
• Any works which in themselves constitute 'development' requiring planning permission.
• Any change to the external materials which would adversely affect the character or appearance of the development or erode the quality of that which was originally approved.

For details of the Community Action Group supporting each other in Chilton Foliat in the event of self-isolation. Click here.

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